Jonathan Stringer

Johnny died unexpectedly on Tuesday 18th December 2018.

We met him at a gig during the summer. After we’d played he immediately introduced himself and offered to play percussion for us.

Not shy, Johnny. Not afraid to tell you what he was thinking either.

We rehearsed with him maybe half a dozen times in the following months. We were both immediately drawn in by his personality. He was intelligent, sarcastic, opinionated and often hilarious. Above all he was direct and honest. He listened and he cared.

The quality of his musicianship was never in question. He had an intuitive feel and encyclopaedic knowledge for the music and he performed with passion and heart.

His contribution had already taken The High Hollers to a different place. Not just in the music he made but in how he challenged us to be better musicians too. We were excited, full of optimism for what we three could do together in the future.

Like so many others who had the good fortune to know Johnny, his passing has left us lost, confused, angry, bereft. Our new friend and partner enriched our music and our lives. He will not be forgotten.

Chris and Kev
5th January 2019