The High Hollers


A few songs from The Saltaire Blues Club, Al's Star Bar, Saltaire. 27th March 2019. Here's Don't You Rock Me Daddio.

Dig My Hole.

F'Oldin' Money.

Born and Living With the Blues. Kev's wedding reception, Otley, 20th July 2017.

At the Bradford Blues Club night at Al's Dime Bar in Bradford, 22nd September 2016. Thanks to John for the video.

Busking in Leeds. 18th July 2015. Nine Pound Hammer. Video shot by GuitarJed.

These shot by Frank Garland first thing in the morning in the pouring rain on Saturday November 9th 2013. Roundhay Park, Leeds.

Live video from The Bobtown Beer Bash Saturday 27th July 2013. Shot by Martin Bishop.

These two videos below conceived, produced and edited by Martin Bishop from live performances recorded on 17th April 2011 by Pat Bannon at his Leeds studio.