The High Hollers


These from our headline gig at Headingley Heart. Thanks Martin Bishop Photography. August 13th 2019.

These pics of us busking are from KatPad Photography who were passing by. They are on Facebook too. Thanks! April 6th 2019, Albion Street, Leeds.

These three photos below are from Inkwell, Leeds, 4th August 2017. Taken by Roger Barnett at Music Gone Ape Photography.

Otley Chevin Hotel, Otley, 20th July 2017

The Chemic Tavern, Leeds, 13th March 2017

The Chemic Tavern, Leeds, 17th March 2016

The Strid Tea Rooms at Bolton Abbey, 23rd August 2014

Turn O' The Wheel, The Chemic Tavern, Leeds, August 17th 2013

Bobtown Beer Fest, Roberttown, 27th July 2013

The Wellington, Leeds, 24th February 2012

The New Inn, Leeds, 31st September 2011

Waterfront Festival at The Hop, Leeds, 26th June 2011