The High Hollers

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22 Jan 2023

Following much soul searching and consideration we have reluctantly decided to put The High Hollers on indefinite hiatus. We had a full head of steam (and a packed inventory of gigs) when lockdown hit and we’ve never properly recovered.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find time together to practice. Chris has other bands on the go, Kev has the harmonica instruction, an unwieldy work schedule and unpredictable home life.

It’s been a chaotic ride, full of ups (some), downs (many) and lots of (mostly poorly attended) shows.

Venues willing to put up with us were found across these lands. Even in such wild country as the cities of York, Sheffield, Leodis and its environs of Morley, Beeston, Otley, Liversedge, Chapletown, Moortown, Hyde Park and lo! Even the glowing splendour of Halifax. Plus a host more lost to memory or passed into legend.

Thanks for all the support. Hope we entertained. Love yas. xxx

The High Hollers performing at Inkwell, Leeds. Kevin playing harmonica and Chris playing guitar