The High Hollers

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14 March 2022
“Born in a box car from the harp and soul of Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, the reckless roll of Carl Perkins, the joy of jug band and the heartbreak of Hank, Huddie and Woody, The High Hollers are an unfiltered taste of life off the beaten track. One-part harmonica. One-part guitar, this dusty duo has busked, picked, stomped and wailed for over 10 years, wherever feet tap.”
The High Hollers performing at Inkwell, Leeds. Kevin playing harmonica and Chris playing guitar

Since 2009 this Leeds-based guitar and harmonica duo have been playing traditional American music all over West Yorkshire. They have an ecclectic repertoire running the gamut of blues, folk, country, rockabilly, jugband and more.

Shows are upbeat, lively, kid-friendly and suitable for a large range of events and occasions. Acoustic folk nights, festivals, markets, charity events… you name it. They also make a great opening act for an electric blues band.

Upcoming Gigs

  • 19th May 2022
    Featured artist at Cloth Cat's long-running and much loved Moss Eisley Cantina.
    The Packhorse
    208 Woodhouse Lane, Woodhouse, Leeds, LS2 9DX
    Stage time: appx 21:30